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Automate your data to deliver new value. 

Automate's powerful programming functionality giving your documents / data new function, purpose and value.
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Skyline Automation - Toolkit for RPA / DPA

Automate is a process automation tool for print and data to produce merged products and automated distribution.  In addition Automate can be applied to business workflows in daily operations to streamline essential business processes, cut cost, increase accuracy and add value to your output.

Skyline Automate can be deployed site wide performing defined tasks removing errors and delays, for everyone within the organisation.

What Skyline Automate does

Robotic Process Automation
A tool solving specific tasks that are often repetitive, complex and time consuming when done manually
Digital Process Automation
Optimize time and resources within an organisation. Deliver complex business and process workflows automatically

Examples of Automate projects

RPA -  "Read" an email, extract requested photographs, video and documents from various sources, package and return
RPA - Format, produce and share report data automatically at the end of the day
DPA - Read data from an database, re-format data, create salutation, overlay form, send via email or print
DPA - Extract data from incoming PDF files, classify, store in CRM/SharePoint site with metadata

Automate keeps your operations inline

Every department of your company detangles tons of data every day that needs to be collected, organized and presented in a format that:

  • Improves Communication

  • Reduces errors and information silos between systems

  • Speeds and simplifies workflows

  • Reduces time-consuming and repetitive tasks like processing invoices, creating reports; data input and analysis.

Going forward

Skyline Automation workflow

Automate has the ability to help with management analytics and deliver custom data about your workflows, operations and more.


This feature allows you to track, analyze and make informed decisions about costs, time and other aspects of your business.

Integration capabilities

Automate can be integrated flawlessly with your systems so you don't have to buy new hardware to deploy new solutions, our tool kit can be integrated with:

  • CRM

  • ERP (Financial)

  • HR Software

  • MIS

  • Web2Print (Skyline)

  • EDM (SharePoint, InfoRouter, FileMaker)

  • DB (SQL, Access)

  • MSOffice (Word, Excel, Outlook Text, CSV) 

  • Audit/Inspection points

Explore Automate in your Industry or Department 

If you are interested to see how Automate can be used in your industry or department,

you can pick the right brochure for your business here.

Smooth integration. Endless choices

All our licenses are extremely cost-effective, deliver full functionality and allow for an unlimited number of users and application deployments. Skyline Automate can be deployed in:

Cloud system

It is available as a Cloud service where you pay a simple monthly fee

On premise solution

Installed on-site or on your Cloud platform, with an editor/designer or we can design the apps and deploy them in your environment

Hosted solution

We can host your licence for you in the Cloud. The choice is yours

 Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s results

Person sat in front of a laptop working from home
Remote and Hybrid Friendly

Your employees can use our service in the Cloud solution and can access documents, create reports from home or the office.

Helping you make conscious decisions

Our Analytics feature can help you track print jobs to find the right numbers about waste, cost of printed documents or ink.


Knowing how your resources are used, you can make conscious decisions toward completing your Green Agenda and making your company more conscious about its environmental impact.

Analytics help you make better business decisions

See Automate in action

Schedule a Free Demo today!

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