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Imposition allows you to achieve faster printing, simplified binding and helps reduce paper waste 

Get print ready

with Impostrip

Reducing waste and speeding production

It's a tough world and you need to do more with the same resources, or maybe you just want to do more.  With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, you have to think differently about imposition and finishing, automation drives results.


Imposition enables you to link your imposition scheme to a specific Skyline product so that the job is sent to the printer ready to print with full cut marks and registration as required, requiring no intervention by the print operator. A single Skyline Imposition licence and corresponding Skyline PrintStation supports multiple output devices.

What Imposition can help you with

Paper reduction through intelligent layout plotting, impose single of multiple files to maximise media usage
Reduced waste due to incorrect settings or increase utilisation of media
Complex post-delivery production
composition settings for print or online delivery
Faster production by simplifying staff printing procedures

Imposition can help to automate many routines

From Customer Input to Print
A completely hands-free workflow

Add custom cut marks and registration based on workflow options

The ability to automate a wide range of jobs and options

The use of dynamic imposition and built-in superior intelligence

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