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Fully Variable Production


Real Estate
Fully variable production

Document production requirements in the fast-paced Real Estate market can demand a complex production workflow with many contributions from different areas. Multiple inputs need to be collated to produce key deliverables to inform clients and attract new business while the quality of presentation is critical to how the company perceived in its market.

The problem

Multiple inputs can be problematic to manage, ensuring all the parts are produced correctly and used at the correct workflow stage. From variable or static printed documents/output, through to data and pre-printed items, all the elements are required for the final deliverable, which may be the first communication with a client. Making that first good impression may be key in establishing a productive relationship. A client requested we help them with various production scenarios, one example was a personalised card (birthday card) on one side of the page, and on the reverse, additional text driven by the requestor’s requirement.

Personalisation consisted of data extracted from a database, both sides required personalised variable data as well as US Mailing codes. The reporting features used in the workflow needed to be flexible to allow for full cost recovery, management and recognise all aspects of the production chain. The current workflow involved many steps, multiple entries and updates of spreadsheets and complex work instructions.

How we fixed this

Skyline has a flexible and dynamic workflow; not limited to PDF/Print and can be used to manage and control a full production workflow. Uploaded documents can be linked to documents created via dynamic input in addition to data files, creating bespoke targeted communications. Skyline can request, manipulate, and create complex output streams allowing the Print Room team to manage the entire production chain. The first document created for the mailing contained the instructions for Skyline to build and produce the entire package/documents, which ultimately were sent to a printer fully imposed and ready for mailing.


  • Single print job for each mailing which included all the pre-production and production stages

  • Removed need for data extraction by 3rd party, reducing errors and increasing productivity

  • Full reporting, automated procedures, and production methods

Document Management and Workflow Solution

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