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Subject Access Requests


Mid-size Companies
Subject Access Requests

Subject Access Request (SAR) is a request made on or by some on behalf of an individual for the information that they are entitled to ask for from a company or organisation. There is no formal requirement for the submission, it simply needs to communicate that the person is asking for their own personal data held by that company. This ability is available to all people residing in the EEA (European Economic Area).

The problem

The requirement to provide any requestor with a response could be considerable for companies, even those with a document management system in place. Documents may need to be scanned to highlight those with that person’s name, or about them; emails and other forms of communication/data would need to be identified and investigated by the organisation to determine if disclosure should be made.

How we fixed this

With Skyline Automate we are able to access InfoRouter, SharePoint (and others), local drives and scan libraries looking for text within the title or metadata of a document. We are also able to scan inside PDFs for a word or group of words and can highlight that document as containing the search text. In addition, the system allows you to redact those words and produce a new copy of the match documents, also searching emails and email folders for matching/information.


  • Documents identified as part of the SAR can be listed, produced as a single PDF sent, emailed, sent to Print or any other action.

  • This can speed up any search and removes the need for employees to search lots of records, systems

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