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Variable Data & Cross-Media


Variable Data, Cross Media

Our Skyline client base is a busy and innovative group of people always looking for ways to extend the reach of the Skyline suite of products. To support these ambitions, we have supercharged the system to allow for full variable data printing and cross-media production, including accessing databases, making rules-based decisions, adding resources from multiple sources to produce new creative and productive output with full accounting reporting and mailing facilities.

The opportunity

As organisations reflect on the impact of the COVID disruption they have identified business pinch-points, staffing issues and workflow concerns which all point to the need for flexibility and maximising the resources available.

Utilising the Skyline toolset in full, data manipulation, payroll, reports, accounting, letters, labels, ordering, dunning, statements, certificates, acceptance letters, tailored fact sheets, and Subject Access Requests can all be created, managed, and delivered. Data can be presented to the users and scanned on return with the forms, tick boxes, options selected, extracted, and placed in DB, financial systems, etc.

How we fixed this

The Skyline Automate tool kit is a single powerful engine that can create an output set from any given input set with an interface for users to utilise the system directly or the ability for automated customised processes to be run locally. A system that can address the needs of any part of an organisation from simply validating input from submitted documents to reading and acting on received emails and creating printed output. Integrated into the Skyline workflow alongside Imposition and other services it takes web to print to a whole new level.


  • Single licence – all channels, systems and services can be used

  • No usage charge or PDF render charge

  • Use enterprise, corporate, and sitewide

Document Management and Workflow Solution

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