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The Ultimate Strategy to boost your customer retention rate and grow your revenue

As business owners and managers, we all aspire to expand and develop and as well as attracting new clients, one of our most important assets in achieving growth are our existing clients.

Loyal customers are those that see you as a valued partner. They seek your advice and input when addressing a business problem or providing a new service. These are the opportunities to demonstrate a breadth and depth of skills beyond those that you may be associated with, opening new, profitable opportunities.

A while back we were working with a client providing Print, Mail, Scanning and Graphic design services. One day the Procurement Manager asked for advice on providing stamps and other stationery items which resulted in us providing those items plus an ATM machine. That’s because we were a partner whose advice they trusted and who they knew would deliver the desired service.


We all also know of salespeople who return to a customer after an absence of five years and expect to re-sign the client for another term and are they are ‘surprised’ when they find the contract has been awarded to someone else who has been investing time in their absence.

Clients’ business and requirements are changing massively, either from market forces or by external events, and as a supplier, you need to be aware of how these things shape the clients' “needs” and plan to address them.


The more successful providers can anticipate where their customer wants to be and propose new technologies that will help them keep up with the future market needs.

It helps if you have a demonstrable understanding of the new technologies, supplying print equipment and then suggesting you can also supply large earthmovers may need you to do a lot of groundwork.


Selling software and integrated workflows can be seen as a seismic shift of focus for some people or their clients. However, the Skyline Reseller Programme allows you to go to your clients with the full backing of people who are here to support you through the technical discussions and specifications, solve your client business problems and help them grow with new revenue streams and services. This is a “win-win” solution, your client solves a business issue, you are recognised for the breadth of your resources and gain additional services from the client.

Additional benefits of being a reseller are that you have the tools to approach new clients and engage them in a broader conversation. The new tools and options we help you provide will also allow you to gain a better understanding of any new client’s business.

Even if there is not the immediate prospect of providing fleet or production hardware deal at your prospect, working with Skyline allows you to access opportunities in the entire production landscape enabling you to establish a commercial relationship that is not dependant on hardware sales. When that contract for the equipment does come around, you are better placed with contacts, information, and a real understanding of your customer's business that data so you can place your proposal above all the rest.


Increase your revenue potential by having a toolkit of solutions that takes you beyond the hardware sale, helps you attract new clients, and with our support, you never know what may resonate and create a direct hit on an unanswered problem.

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